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First Learning
Then Earning

Supporting the Dreams of Innovators & Prospective Entrepreneurs


Get creative with your thoughts & imaginations in the hope of a thriving startup.


Give words, actions, and implementations to your creative ideas & aspirations.


The most challenging phase of entrepreneurship – I stand beside you.


Learning is a never-ending process. Isn’t it? I take a pledge to give you all the learnings required to travel your entrepreneurial journey. If you have an idea but fail to understand where to start, I shall provide extensive support and guidance while helping you adopt business skills. If you are willing to initiate your startup but fail to understand what to start, I shall provide the required business counselling while making you aware of the challenges, resources, and opportunities.


The best part is that every learning comes with a new opportunity, sometimes in vision, sometimes hidden. All that matters is how you encapsulate your learning to an idea or a dream. There are two choices: you learn and keep it to your heart; you discover and explore the world to infuse the learning to implement a change or bring forth innovation. So, think wisely, transform it into action, and then act wisely. I shall be with you to help you transform your idea into a business plan.



You learn, carve an idea, transform it into action, and then implement it to create an earning. Need not worry; you won’t be alone in this startup of the entrepreneurial journey; I shall stand to abide with all possible support, guidance, and assistance. Whether it is market research, strategizing a marketing plan, adopting business skills, identifying a target market, overcoming challenges, or embracing tech resources, I shall be with you at all stages while maximizing your earning potential.

Value & Ethics Drive Me

When I talk about supporting and fueling your dreams and aspirations, I keep myself transparent, open, honest, and flexible while imbibing the right balance of ethics and values. Whatever your aim or idea, my only goal is to stand beside you, emotionally, physically, and financially.

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"I have witnessed hundreds of trainers come and go but it's been an absolute treat to watch Punit incessantly grow, from scratch to now becoming one of the Pioneers in the digital coaching space in India."
Janet Morris
Digital Coaching
"Punit is a path breaker. He has pioneered the digital training & coaching industry in India. With an expansive vision, an unmatched work ethic, and a massive intent to just give more & more to people, he is one leader to watch out for and follow in today's digital age."
Willie Brown
Head of Product
"Punit ability to simplify concepts and digitally help people to achieve their goals is unparalleled. I have personally learnt a lot from him and I use his learnings to grow my business and my tribe daily."
Sean Fisher

Together Adding Meaning & Dimension to the Startup Ecosystem

Let’s work together with shared knowledge, understanding, and professional ethics towards creating a vibrant, resourceful, creative, and innovative startup ecosystem